Green Tea

We think our Green Tea is the best in the business! We source our tea from the best tea plants from around the world and we treat our leaves with the utmost respect - the respect it deserves! When you show a tea love it definitely shows it back. Not only do we make the most stunning classic Green Tea blends we also like to get creative with it. Have a look through our range to find out what we mean… Enjoy.

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Gingerbread Indulgence Green Tea - 20 Envelopes

£2.49 each

This Sweet Green has the tangy warmth of gingerbread, baked to perfection.With real ginger pieces and natural golden syrup flavour, this is an entirely new take on traditional green tea.

Pure Green - 20 Tea Bags

£1.69 each

As dawn breaks and the dewy mist hangs in the air, the first buds and leaves are picked to lock in the fresh green flavour.

Light & Delicate Green Tea - 20 Tea Bags

£1.69 each

We've taken the best tea leave and used gentle sencha steaming with a little more pan firing than our classic blend to create this smooth, mellow flavour.

Jasmine Green Tea - 20 Tea Bags

£1.69 each

Layering the white jasmine flowers between green tea leaves allows them to release their perfumed, floral fragrance into the tea.

Lemon Green Tea - 20 Tea Bags

£1.69 each

We've blended the delicate taste of green tea with this sunshiny lemon flavour, all you have to do in take a sip and feel the mists clear.

Cranberry Green Tea - 20 Tea Bags

£1.69 each

We've combined the zingy sharpness of the cranberry with this quality golden green tea, to give a refreshingly juicy taste.